Cut Outs

Ready for Spring but the weather got you down?  Me too.  This sucks.  It was 5 degrees outside this morning on my way to the gym.  5.  Come on Spring!  Where are you?  Guess I'll just have to fake it, until it comes.  Which means, showing just a tiny bit of skin until this weather warms up.
The perfect way to do that?  Cut outs.  They're totally on-trend this season and can be pulled off by anyone with any body type.  I'm so in love with the cut out dress* I wore to dinner last Fall in Charleston (pictured above).  It's got coverage everywhere I want and shows off the parts of my body that I love (i.e. covers my sunburnt chest and paunchy belly and features the smallest part of my body, my waist and long legs).  I specifically chose this dress with cut outs in that exact spot because I knew it would be flattering to my body type.
There's endless places that you can find clothing items with cut outs.  Don't want to show off your waist?  Cut outs at the shoulders are incredibly sexy without being too showy.  Love your back?  Wear a top or dress that has a cut out in the back.  Got great boobs?  I've seen some incredible tops that are cut out right above your cleavage, showing off exactly what your mama gave you. 
One of the easiest ways to feature the cut out trend is wearing distressed denim.  Boyfriend jeans are all the rage.  The look is casual and usually features worn holes around the knee area (see my blog about Distressed Boyfriends).  You can show off as little or as much as you want depending on how many "holes" or cut outs you have going along the jean. 
Anyone can wear cut outs.  Get creative and show off whatever part of your body you like the most.  You'll feel contemporary and you might actually feel like Spring is on it's way.  Or at least you can fake it until it comes.
*My cut out dress is from Burlington Coat Factory for under $20.00.  The shoes are Steve Madden from DSW.
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