Mid-Rise Jeans

There's no one more happy than me that the low-rise is a thing of the past.  I don't miss my pants falling down every time I bend over, my thong popping out in the back and the constant muffin top.  There's nothing good about any of those looks.  I even remember in college cutting the waist band off my jeans to go even lower than the already low-rise.  That means extra falling down, extra thong, extra muffin top.  Wrong.  So wrong.  Why do we torture our bodies with ridiculous trends?

Another trend that comes and goes (and just happens to be wildly in right now) is the high-rise.  Although potentially lengthening and slimming, by cinching your waist and elongating the leg's appearance, I find a high-rise pant to be extremely uncomfortable.  Like can't sit down, uncomfortable.  Why can't I just find something that is slimming, functional and comfortable?

I did.  It's called the mid-rise.  The mid-rise jean is everything right now.  The rise is high enough that it covers belly paunch, cinches in love handles, doesn't fall down or reveal your undergarments and it's just plain comfortable.  The off-white mid-rise distressed jeans* I'm wearing in the picture above are from Express.  They fit true to size and have a bit of stretch so they move easily with you from day to night.  They come in 3 different inseams (short, regular & long), so there's a size for everyone. 

I know trends come and go, but I'm going to hold on to this one as long as I can.  If the mid-rise goes out of style, I guess I'll just have to wear dresses for the rest of my life.  A bit dramatic, but it's the truth.  I highly suggest trying the mid-rise trend.  Want to try out a mid-rise jean, but don't want to spend a lot on something you're not sure you'll love?  I just saw that Forever21 has mid-rise jeans for under $20. 

*My statement necklace is from Forever21.  The red sweater and jeans are form Express and my black booties are from DSW.  Every one of these items I scored for under $40!

Chelsea K. RayComment