Stunning.  My girl, Zephila* is stunning in this red maxi.  It helps that she's gorgeous, but maxis really are the most universally flattering clothing piece around.  Mini skirts were all the rage for centuries, but unless you have great legs, they really weren't practical.  Maxis offer more coverage, which makes them not only more comfortable, but also makes your look more appropriate for almost any occasion. 

I love everything about Zephila's maxi dress, but what makes it so flattering on her body is the shape and her fabulous shoes.  The top and skirt of the dress are soft and flowing, and the waist is cinched in to show definition.  It's an incredibly feminine silhouette that looks good on everyone. 

Shoes can be tricky with maxis.  In my opinion, select your shoes based on the length.  You do not want your maxi dragging on the ground.  It won't hang flatteringly on your hips and you'll be tripping over it all day.  Grazing the ground is a better look.  Or, if you're wearing some amazing heels and want to show then off, let your maxi hit the top of your foot (like Zephila's). 

If you don't own a maxi dress or skirt, I highly suggest trying one.  You can find them in all price ranges and you'll find it's an appropriate piece to wear to almost any occasion. 

*Zephila Rossiter is mother of a beautiful 5 year old. In addition to having a full family life with her daughter and fiance', she is an entrepreneur who is dedicated to becoming a better version of herself everyday. She loves being of service to women in her community through mentoring. Zephi has an extensive background in the restaurant industry at many capacities. Her love for fashion and beauty brought her to becoming an esthetician and make-up artist in Boston. She is now owner of her future through a network marketing company called Arbonne.

This is where all the pieces fit together, with her love of people and helping women beautify and feel good about themselves. Her business combines these two things perfectly. She found Arbonne 2 years ago and now has a growing business with this health and wellness company that has given her a plan for her families future; and an avenue to help others with their health and wealth. She helps women and men look and feel their best. True beauty and wellness from the inside out. Arbonnne educates people about toxin prevention through pure and safe products. Zephi loves sharing these products and this business opportunity with people hugely because it has changed her life so significantly. 

Dress was $17 at TJ Maxx on clearance
Shoes: $7.99 at Mardens on clearance
Earrings: $20 at TJ Maxx
Arbonne necklace: Gift

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