Thank goodness the foliage is finally out and Spring has officially sprung.  The contrast in colors, from the green grass to the white flowers to the blue sky makes for a much more attractive outdoor shoot.  With that said, it's finally appropriate to wear sheer pieces without full coverage under or over.  In cooler temperatures, I would put a brightly colored camisole under my sheer lace top* and probably toughen up the look with a cropped leather jacket.  Luckily, it's warm enough that I was able to wear a bright colored bralette underneath and that's all.

I feel as though fashion has really gravitated toward the sheer trend in the past five years.  I remember shopping and thinking, this is cute, but I also have to buy something to go underneath it because it's see through.  How annoying!  I had to buy 2 shirts for one look?  Well, luckily, I have slowly began to incorporate layering pieces into my wardrobe and no longer have to always buy something to go underneath a sheer piece.  I don't see the sheer trend going anywhere any time soon, so I highly suggest doing the same.

It's smart to stock up on camisoles in basic colors and brights.  You'll wear them under everything year round.  Also, if you're bold enough to just sport a bra underneath a sheer top, bralettes (a decorative bra that can be worn as a top) are all the rage right now.  I just stocked up on some from Forever21 for under $10 a piece.  Although be sure that your bralette and top are not BOTH sheer.  Nipples are never a good look.

The sheer trend doesn't stop at tops.  I've seen a lot of skirts that have a opaque mini under a long sheer maxi.  A little sexy, but still appropriate for a BBQ.  If you're feeling really bold, my favorite sheer bottom look is a pair of lace or chiffon pants with a pair of hot pants underneath.  If you're loving the sheer pants look but want something a little more conservative, a pair of fitted shorts will give you the coverage you need. 

Sheer is a trend that is here to stay, so stock up on layering pieces and embrace it.  I highly suggest doing a pop of color under something sheer to keep it looking current and playful. 

*My sheer lace top is from TJ Maxx, the pink maxi skirt is from and the bralette is from Forever21.

Chelsea K. RayComment