Accessorize Summer

Usually summer means less clothes, which is an exciting opportunity to add more accessories.  You can completely change your look with accessories.  Sunglasses are probably my favorite way to accessorize in the summer.  Beyond them being necessary to protect your eyes from the sun's strong summer rays, sunglasses are a fun way to change up your look.  Right now, round sunglasses are the "it" look, but the shape isn't flattering on all facial structures.  My blue, mirrored aviators are a perfect shape for every face.  I got mine from Daily Dazzle Deals.  They have an amazing selection of sunglasses and accessories, for a price that you will love.

Another fun way to accessorize is with your jewelry.  It's funny, right now the jewelry trend seems to be either delicate metals or brightly colored statement jewelry.  My favorite thing to do is to actually mix the two trends.  My look above, I paired a teal beaded bracelet with a delicate silver leaf necklace.  That way, my neck isn't naked and I let the statement bracelet be the star.  I usually suggest only wearing one statement piece at a time.  Too much chunky jewelry will overwhelm your look. 
Less clothes means more accessories.  Have fun with your look and be sure to accessorize your summer.  Sunglasses, jewelry, shoes, bags... pile it on!  Be sure to check out Daily Dazzle Deals for a great selection (that's always changing), prices that can't be beat and service that is exceptional. 
  Teal beaded bracelet:
  Silver leaf necklace:

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