Romper Season


Just in case you didn't get the romper memo, it's romper season!  I've decided to make it my summer mission to convince you that you CAN wear a romper, by breaking down all my favorite styles.  In my March blog post titled: Dear Romper (a must read), I highlighted all the awesome things I love about rompers.  June, July and August are dedicated to different styles and price ranges of rompers.  There really is one out there for everyone on every budget. 

The romper I'm wearing is called a Playsuit.  I ordered my playsuit online from Boutique of Molly in the UK, and was surprised how quickly it arrived in the mail (about 7 days).  When it came, I quickly opened my package (I loooooove getting packages) and put it on.  It fit perfectly and I loved it even more than I thought I would.  The length on the shorts are perfect, the torso length doesn't give me camel toe and it cinches in at the exact smallest part of my waist.  Playsuit perfection!

The dark floral pattern makes it a perfect romper to transition from day to night.  Florals are usually designated for daytime or casual looks, but with the black background and large flower print, I threw a leather jacket over it and went to dinner!  You never know when that Saturday BBQ is going to turn into drinks downtown.  A romper is a perfect piece to do just that.

A couple things to keep in mind, when ordering from Boutique of Molly, or any other UK based company:  (1) Sizing is different than the US.  I'm an 8 in the US, but I had to order my playsuit in a 12.  I actually originally ordered an 8 and then realized that sizing is different.  I contacted Boutique of Molly shortly after I ordered and they easily made the change to my UK size, 12.  Look up US vs. UK women's size conversion chart, to ensure your correct size.  Also, (2) Be sure you know that the UK exchange rate is $1.52.

I'll be wearing this romper all summer.  It's everything I wanted and more.  Stayed tuned for more posts on different styles of rompers.  There is a romper out there for you!

Chelsea K. RayComment