Guest Blogger: Coral Lawson

I absolutely love to feature up and coming Bloggers.  Meet Coral Lawson and get her take on everyday fashion on a budget.  Oh, and Coral, keep doing what your doing.  That millionaire lover will come along when you least expect it!

Hello! I'm Coral, 20 years old, born and lived in Spain all my life.
My blog is a lifestyle blog, I write whatever comes to my head, and sometimes I write guest posts for people (by the way I'd like to thank Chelsea for this one).
I like this look because I like casual.
I only dress up if  I'm going to a five star restaurant with my millionaire lover, which sadly, has never happened.
I find it REALLY hard to walk in heels, like I've said before, they may look nice but make me look like a drunk giraffe on stilts.
I found it really hard to stand still for this photo precisely because of that.
But look at them aren't they gorgeous??
I like big lose tops and skinny jeans so I combine the two often.
Pretty basic really,but that's what I like.
Top from Encuentro
Jeans from Stradivarius