Lace Romper

My friend Zephi* looked so good in her lace romper the other day, she was kind enough to model for me and let me blog about it...

There's something so feminine about lace.  I used to think it was just for formal situations, but really, lace has taken over the fashion scene.  One of my favorite new lace trends is going up the seams of your skinny jeans.  The lace adds an incredible new take to your typical jeans.

Actually, my first blog post was about a lace dress I wore on vacation.  I still have it and still wear it all the time.  Remember this look?

Lace is sort of timeless and pairing it with a current trend like a romper, is genius.  I try to avoid wearing lace head to toe.  It's like wearing a Victorian wedding dress or polka dots all over.  Too much all at once.  A lace romper, a short lace dress or lace embellishments will keep you looking current.  Zephi's lace romper and pearl necklace is from Francesca's.  Read more about my Zephi and her career with Arbonne below.

*Zephila Rossiter is mother of a beautiful 5 year old. In addition to having a full family life with her daughter and husband, she is an entrepreneur who is dedicated to becoming a better version of herself everyday. She loves being of service to women in her community through mentoring. Zephi has an extensive background in the restaurant industry at many capacities. Her love for fashion and beauty brought her to becoming an esthetician and make-up artist in Boston. She is now owner of her future through a network marketing company called Arbonne.
This is where all the pieces fit together, with her love of people and helping women beautify and feel good about themselves. Her business combines these two things perfectly. She found Arbonne 2 years ago and now has a growing business with this health and wellness company that has given her a plan for her families future; and an avenue to help others with their health and wealth. She helps women and men look and feel their best. True beauty and wellness from the inside out. Arbonnne educates people about toxin prevention through pure and safe products. Zephi loves sharing these products and this business opportunity with people hugely because it has changed her life so significantly.

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