Guest Blogger: Heather Noire- Bauchle Fashion

I'm so excited to feature a Guest Blogger that put her take on everyday fashion on a budget.  Meet Heather Noire and check out her blog at:
I am a 25-year-old Business Student, Model, and Magazine Blogger. I’m a coffee addict, cocktail drinking, fashion lover, frequent flyer, and lover of all things Parisian. My job is a lot of fun and has been a major benefit for my blogging. You get to know a lot of wonderful people who can defiantly inspire you. My blog Bauchle Fashion is a fashion magazine that incorporates my love of all things, fashion, style, and beauty. If someone didn’t know how to dress or how to wear the latest must have looks, my magazine could be that helpful advice outlet.

My style is retro mixed with an edgy cool girl look. The celebrities that influence me are Keira Knightley and Coco Chanel. Knightley is a great actress with killer fashion sense. She also doesn’t take herself to seriously. When it comes to Chanel, she influences me by how she started out in the business. She made hats then designed her own clothing line. I love when someone can brand themselves with bravery and good taste. My favourite wardrobe piece has got to be my motto leather jacket. Its from Belstaff London and has been my most loved jacket. You can wear it with practically everything. The bohemian chic blue floral dress I’m sporting is from H&M. It was such a steal! What I love most about this dress is you can wear it for a casual day out or an event. Every girl needs a rocking good hat! This lovely hat is from Topshop. My timeless black retro inspired purse is from Steve Madden. Star struck shades are from H&M. If you ever wish to dress up an outfit a hot pair of shades can defiantly do the trick. Written by Heather Lisa Noire     

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