Hands Free Summer, Thanks to Estarer

In the summer, I never stop.  The season is so short and I really try to soak up every second of Maine.  People always ask where we vacation in the summer and I always respond, "Portland".  It truly is vacationland and I'd be a fool to go anywhere else. 

Squeezing everything Maine has to offer into a few short months isn't easy and I was so tired of lugging my heavy bags around.  They were slowing me down and limiting my ability to play with my little boy, because I was always one-handed.  I knew I needed a backpack, but last year my cute Target one busted a hole after a week. 

I ordered an incredibly stylish and durable bag on Amazon.com and when this Estarer Backpack came in the mail, I was instantly in love!  The shoulder straps are made of soft leather, so they never dig into my shoulders (no matter how much I have inside).  There are tons of pockets on the outside so I can easily access my cell phone, lip gloss and my little guy's wet wipes.  It's stylish enough that I can wear it with anything, but rugged enough that I can throw it on the beach while I take a dip in the ocean.  I LOVE it.

The price on the Estarer Backpack was so affordable, I actually had enough in my budget to also order an Estarer Laptop Case.  With WiFi available almost anywhere, I love being able to throw my laptop in my backpack and blog from the beach, or the lake, or a pool, or a boat... you get the idea.  The Estarer Laptop Case is awesome.  Besides it's fun boho print and lightweight padding, the zipper is gold.  I love gold.  Makes everything look more fancy.
Thanks to Estarer, I'm going to have an awesome hands free summer.  I highly suggest you try out an Estarer Backpack and laptop case.  They are high quality and fashion at a very affordable price.  Oh, and if you haven't vacationed in Maine for the summer, you must.

Chelsea K. RayComment