Unique Bathing Suits & Cover Ups

One of the biggest trends in bathing suits right now is the itsy bottom.  Not quite a thong, but definitely borderline.  All the butt guys in the world are in total bikini heaven.  I thought the only place you could find a cute itsy bikini bottom is in Miami or from Victorias Secret.  I was wrong.  I found a site called Beautiful Halo and they have a massive selection of all types of bathing suits, from high waist bottoms, itsy bikinis and even cute of one pieces.  I love the unique selection and I definitely bought this sexy bright halter bikini, amongst several others for the summer!

I love the idea of a unique cover up.  Don't get me wrong, I have all the typical terry numbers and sheer animal print tops.  But I'm always looking for something that no one else has.  Something completely unique.  Like the blue tunic with magenta pom poms (pictured above) from Beautiful Halo.  It's got the coverage you want for stepping off the beach and having lunch, and you can be sure no one else is going to have the same cover up as you.  Being stylish and unique is how you set your fashionable self apart from the rest. 

I'm also loving the unique selection of bathing suits from Beautiful Halo.  This summer at the beach, I saw about a hundred of the exact same Victorias Secret Itsy Bikinis, which are adorable, but who wants to look like everyone else?  This brightly colored halter bikini is only $13 at Beautiful Halo.  That's right.  Almost all their bathing suits are under $20.  Beats any price around town, even H&M.  Check out all the cover ups and bathing suits Beautiful Halo has.  Huge selection at unbeatable prices.  Shipping is FREE on orders over $29 (that's one bathing suit and one cover up) and everything is 30% OFF for your first order.