Pregnancy Fashion on a Budget

Glowing is an understatement when you look at my girl, Teresa. This is her first pregnancy and she's absolutely stunning.  She and her husband are welcoming a beautiful baby girl in September and I couldn't be more excited for them both.  Secretly, I'm super excited too.  Shopping for baby girl clothes is so much more fun than boys.

I'm always amazed at how good Teresa looks though her pregnancy.  Like she doesn't even notice that the once smallest part of her body (her waist) is now the biggest.  I remember she asked me, "can't I just wear bigger clothes instead of buying maternity clothes?"  I laughed, said no, and remembered when I attempted that look.  It's not cute.  When you're pregnant, the only thing that significantly grows is your tummy.  You don't want to make everything else look like it's growing too.

Teresa finally broke down and went maternity shopping.  I couldn't be more impressed with how she chose to style her changing body.  Knowing that her legs were going to be the smallest part of her body (for a little while), she chose more fitted pieces to show them off.  I love that she's wearing over the belly (when the waistband goes over your baby bump) leggings.  Women with smaller hips have a hard time keeping pants up without a little over the belly help.  Her top is of perfect proportion.  Covers her booty, hugs her belly and gives a tasteful serving of cleavage.  I also love that she's smart and wears flats.  When all your weight is in the front, your balance is definitely off and the last thing you want to do is put on heels that propel you forward even more!

I asked Teresa what her take on maternity shopping on a budget is like and here's what she had to say:
"With so much going on and planning for the arrival of a first baby it can be hard to find time for shopping for maternity clothes.  I found this cute top and VERY comfortable bottoms at Motherhood Maternity.  I really like this outfit bec I still feel sexy and get to show off my pregnancy curves.  Target also has a great selection of maternity day dresses that fit great and are inexpensive."

Shopping for fashion on a budget can happen at any time in your life.  The fashion rules stay the same and so should your budget.