Win This Dress!

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I have recently realized that I may have a problem.  It's with flowers.  They're on everything I own!  I need to go one of two ways with this.  Either stop buying fashion pieces with flowers on them... or just bite the bullet and admit that flowers are my thing.  Hello?!  I'm never going to stop buying florals.  Never!  I'm admitting I have a problem and I'm going to embrace it.

I mean really.  Florals add an element of color and femininity to almost any piece.  Take this gorgeous white floral maxi from Jolly Chic.  Without the floral print on the bodice of the dress, it's just a plan white maxi.  Of course I couldn't stop at just he dress.  The floral headband that I usually wear around my forehead, I pinned around my sock bun.  Also, the chandelier earrings have a pink rose set right in the middle of the teardrop rhinestones.  Yup.  Flowers everywhere. 

If you're a flower lover like me, you don't have a problem.  You just need to shop smart.  For the best deals on all floral clothing and accessories, visit Jolly Chic

Chelsea K. RayComment