Cross Body Bag

Ever since I had a kid, I'm all about being hands free, so I can always be ready to wrangle him at any time.  You never know when your little one might dart out in the street, or try to pet a dog without permission or step too close to an edge, etc.  The possibilities are endless.  And I've seen them all.  The best way to keep him safe is having my hands free to grab him at any moment.  Some kids are climbers, some are thinkers, mines a runner.  He's either sleeping or he's running... fast. 
Whenever I'm in a situation where I need to keep my hands free, I have two options to carry my things.  A backpack, which although is ultimate because of it's large compartments and comfort, is not always the most stylish option.  I mean, I can't wear a backpack with a silk floral dress and platform shoes.  The second option is a cross body bag.  The long strap allows me to carry all the things I need and still have my hands free.
Cross body bags have really made a comeback in the past couple years.  The styles can range quite considerably, but my favorite is something with a soft long strap that I can wear all day and access my things easily.  Also, because it's bouncing around on your body, I highly suggest getting a cross body bag that closes completely.  That way when you are running to catch a cab or your kid, your things aren't flying out.
I got my small white cross body bag at TJ Maxx, but my absolute favorite is one from Michael Kors.  It's heavy enough that I know it's there, light enough that I can wear it around my shoulder all day and it has a full zipper closure, which keeps my things inside.  If you like to be hands free, consider a more stylish option to carry your things, with a  cross body bag. 

Chelsea K. Ray1 Comment