Denim is everything right now.  It's actually been pretty hot for decades.  Denim is classic.  We can all thank Levi Strauss, the originator of denim jeans.  They were first worn as durable work pants for gold miners in the 1860's.  More for function than fashion.  Flash forward a hundred years later, a more fitted style with flared bottoms emerged on the scene... and the rest is denim history.

Now, denim is a material used more for fashion than function.  Dresses, pants, skirts, bags, jackets, shirts.  It's everywhere and a guaranteed fashion staple that will be here longer than you and I probably will.  Of course, just because a top and bottom are both denim, doesn't mean that they go together.  Denim on denim can be tricky.

General fashion rules still are in place.  If you're going to wear denim top to bottom, the wash needs to be similar.  For example, acid wash and dark denim clash.  Black denim and light blue denim clash.  A slight fade in wash contrast is okay, but try to keep your denim on denim in the same color group.  Proportions are important too.  In the picture above, my chambray button down is loose fitted, so I paired it with some tight cut off denim shorts.  If one of your pieces are more fitted, allow the other piece to be a bit more flowy.

Another denim trend that is right now is distressed denim.  You should read my blog about Distressed Boyfriends from last year.  It's pretty funny.  Raw edges on your skinnies, fringe on your jacket, destroyed knee holes in your boyfriends.  It's all in.  Although denim will never go out of style, the distressed denim trend will, so don't go cutting off and putting holes in everything.  Just your more trendy pieces.

For those of you who actually stuck around to read my blog in it's entirety, I want to first thank you and second, I want to congratulate you.  You are about the find out one of my biggest denim secrets.   All my skinny style jeans are The Rockstar Jeans from Old Navy.  I usually pay about $20 a pair and they're as comfortable as my jammie pants.  They're true to size, so if you order them online, order your regular size and have confidence that they'll stretch to fit a size up or down.  Although I DO ALWAYS suggest trying things on.  Because I do find some washes have more stretch than others.
Buy denim.  Wear denim.  It will be one of the staples that will stay in your closet for years to come.  Try the denim on denim look for Fall.  Try the distressed trend.  And for Heavens sake, get yourself at least a couple pair of Rockstar Jeans from Old Navy.  You can thank me later.

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