I've spent most of my life wishing that my breasts were bigger.  I was blessed with the average 34B and on my six foot frame, they appear quite small.  Of course after talking with all my friends who have had breast augmentations, I realize that larger breasts aren't always an advantage.  Most of them complain that tops don't usually fit right and going out without a supportive bra is impossible.

Fashion trends are really favoring smaller breasts these days.  Finally!  I've accepted my little boobies and realize the advantages of having them.  Like wearing bralettes.  For decades, it was against all fashion rules to let your bra show.  Undergarments were just that and if your bra strap was showing, all your friends would come and tuck it back under your top. 

A bralette is a bra that is pretty enough to show off under your clothes.  The advantage is you can finally wear all those tops you always say, "but I can't wear a bra with it".  Well, now you can.  Let those lacy, stringy, brightly colored bra straps show!  It's all the rage.  Although there is a disadvantage to bralettes... they have very little support.

Accept and embrace the body you have and don't judge those who want to change it.  If it gives you confidence, then rock it out.  At 33 years old, I have finally embraced my small breasts and am fully taking advantage of the bralette look while it's still okay to show your straps.  The bralette pictured above is from Free People.  I got one that looks just like it from Forever 21Victorias Secret also has a great selection of lace bralettes.  Find your right style and let your bra show!

Chelsea K. Ray1 Comment