Never Give Up

I'm sure you've heard it a million times.  Never give up.  My father actually told me growing up that it was our family motto.  It was instilled in me as a little girl and now as a grown woman, I remember those three little words every time I'm ready to throw in the towel. 

I mean, I am human.  I try.  I get knocked down.  I want to give up, because once something doesn't work, it's so much easier to just say you can't do it.  Blogging sure has had it's ups and downs, and it's hard not to take things personal when your numbers aren't up.  When I can tell my blog is getting stagnant, I try to get creative and shake things up.

One way I can afford to constantly feature new clothing and accessories is through giveaways.  Online boutiques will offer a piece to giveaway for free if you share their posts or products.  I'm constantly applying for giveaways.  And up until a couple weeks ago, I never won.  Never.  I mean, who the heck is winning?  I was starting to think it was all a hoax.

One day last week, I get an e-mail notifying me that my "Look of the Month" was selected by OTSM Magazine in the UK, and I won a gorgeous red and gold beaded necklace!  Finally.  It felt amazing to see all my time and energy that I put into giveaways, finally succeed.  I didn't give up and it actually has fueled my fire to enter more giveaways. 

Never give up.  Follow your dreams.  My dreams of working in the fashion industry have come true, and not without hard work and determination.  I'm sure I'll continue to get knocked down and discouraged, but I will never give up!

Wedge Sandals: Target
Crocheted Dress: Toko (on Exchange Street in Portland, ME)
Necklace: OTSM Magazine, UK

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