Is Romper Season Over?

Heck no!  Romper season has been extended to "romper year"!  I usually mark the end of a season with the weather.  If the evenings are getting cold and the days aren't warm enough to wear sleeveless tops, then it's time for Fall... but the good news is it's still summer and I'm still rocking all my favorite rompers.

Although many of my rompers can be transitioned to Fall with a leather jacket and booties, this particular one from is exclusive for summer and vacations.  The chiffon material and light floral print makes it something I will pack away for vacation this winter (when you fly from Maine to Miami in January, your desperate for light colors and materials).

I'm going to make a romper/jumpsuit prediction and say that they're here to stay, at least for another year.  Some fads come and go so quickly, that it's hard to want to buy super trendy pieces, knowing that they may be out of style in a couple months.  I always suggest spending more on your basics (jeans, t-shirts, trousers, etc.) and getting your more trendy pieces cheap.  That way, if the fit isn't great or the trend comes and goes, you're not heartbroken that your money went down the tube.  I like to get fun pieces that I know I won't wear for a long time at Forever21 and H&M.

If you haven't yet invested in a cute summer romper, consider a jumpsuit.  It will offer a little more coverage for transitioning into Fall and it's one of the hottest trends going strong.  Read my blog post about wearing jumpsuits from February.  Also, check out my friend Zephi's adorable boho print jumpsuit from Target (below).  She didn't break the bank on this trendy piece, and it will transition great into Fall with some boots and a jacket.

Keep wearing those rompers.  Romper season has been extended to a romper year!

Chelsea K. RayComment