Spontaneous Attire

I try so hard to be one of those girls that goes with the flow.  No one wants a high maintenance girl around to complain about everything.  I actually think I got a little high maintenance for a while without even realizing it.  But it wasn't the people around me that were suffering... it was me! 

Confused?  Let me explain.  Say, my husband calls and says, "let's go to the beach".  In my head, I think we're going to the beach.  So I put on  no makeup, my hair in a bun, a bikini and a beach cover-up.  Then, my husband picks me up and changes his mind.  He wants to go have lunch at a restaurant.  What?  But I'm not dressed appropriately for a restaurant.  I was dressed so exclusively for the beach that I didn't consider alternative options.

The only one that suffered through that lunch was me.  I felt awkward and ridiculous and felt the need to explain to people that we were going to the beach, but Joe changed his mind.  What I really should have done was known that my husband is very spontaneous and indecisive and that I should be dressed and ready for anything.  ANYTHING.

I've learned from those uncomfortable situations and know that being fashionably ready for anything is essential.  The picture above captures an evening where I didn't know we were going to go on a sunset boat ride, but my attire was ready for anything.  I call it spontaneous attire.  Practical shoes, messy bun, clothes that won't fly up in the wind.  Be a girl that goes with the flow and ready for anything.  Life is way more fun when you are!

Chelsea K. RayComment