Embellished T-Shirt

I LOVE wearing t-shirts.  They're comfortable, they're practical and gone are the days of them being just for casual situations.  They're actually a lot like sneakers.  Once believed to be for running, sneakers have taken a fashionable role in everyday apparel.  Read my blog post Fashion Kicks to see how sneakers aren't just for running anymore.

Although t-shirts are normally thought of as casual attire, there are ways to dress up even the most basic of tops.  The top that I wear more than any other is a plain white t-shirt.  I have to constantly buy new ones because I wear them so much.  They really go with anything, but unless I'm going for a very casual look, a plain white t-shirt is quite boring. 

Last Friday at 10am, my husband sprung on me that we were headed to Boston for the weekend.  He said we were leaving at 11am and to have the bags packed (if you think this is insane, please read my blog Spontaneous Attire).  I had no idea what the weekend was going to entail, so I really needed to be dressed for anything.  I threw on this adorable embellished white t-shirt from H&M with a pair of striped sailor shorts and flip flops (packed my heels for dinner) and knew I could take on anything Boston had to throw at me. 
Normally, if I was wearing one of my plain white t-shirts, I'd be comfortable in the car, going to Lego Land, walking through Boston Commons, but would insist I needed to change for cocktails and dinner.  Because I had on my embellished t-shirt with sequins, all I had to do was throw on my heels and go out for the night.  It's amazing what a little bit of embellishment will do.

Chelsea K. RayComment