You NEED a Blazer

A blazer is one of the most versatile pieces you will own in your closet.  I always encourage my Clients to have at least one black blazer and then one brightly colored, printed or embellished blazer in their wardrobe.  My two blazers that I wear the most (I must own 4 or 5), are a black tuxedo style blazer and a cropped red one. 
For a while, blazers were strictly a men's suit piece, only worn outside the house.  As women became more recognized in the workforce, so did the acceptability of them wearing blazers.  Eventually, the blazer became a status symbol for the white collar working class.  These days, a blazer can be worn in any stylish situation and lends a bit of sophistication to an outfit, on men and women alike.
A few guidelines for blazers... Fit is extremely important.  Make sure your blazer fits well in the shoulders.  If you're blazer fits in the shoulders, the waist and arm length an easily be altered.  Traditionally speaking, a blazer's hem should fall at your hips, but with new lengths emerging all the time, be sure your blazer hits a contrasting line to your shirt underneath.  A tucked in oxford looks great with a blazer that falls to your hips, a looser and longer top looks great peaking out under a cropped style blazer.
Next time you go to grab a light jacket, sweater or hoodie, consider dressing up your look with a structured blazer.  They truly do lend an element of sophistication to any outfit.  Over a dress, blouse, jeans, you name it.  A blazer is always a great and versatile piece.  I'm absolutely crushing on this gold studded blazer from Boutique of Molly

Chelsea K. RayComment