Everyday Fashion on a Budget

Last week I did a photo shoot... Immediately after the shoot, I took my hair down, changed into something that I wear almost EVERYDAY and said, "this is something the people need to see".  What I really wear when it's time to pick the kids up from school, quickly run them home for snack and an outfit change before running to football practice.  This is REAL everyday fashion on a budget.

Every piece I feature on my blog, I wear.  Don't get me wrong.  I wouldn't endorse anything that I didn't believe in.  That was my #1 blog goal, to never sell out.  But I really do have a sort of "uniform" that I stick to.  T-Shirt, skinny jeans and sneakers.  In the summer, the skinny jeans are substituted for denim cut-offs and in the winter, the sneakers are swapped out for boots.  It's the perfect blend of comfortable and functional, while still looking like I know what I'm doing.

A few tips for my everyday look.  If you're pairing your skinnies with anything but boots, roll the hem a little to keep your look updated.  Also, a quick front tuck (tuck your hand just in the front of your pants in one spot, middle or to the side a little) will help to keep you looking current.  I call this fashion trend, the Tuck & Roll (which was featured as one of my first posts in 2014).  A soft cardigan is a casual way to stay warm, but you can also wear a blazer or light jacket for a more structured look.

My sneakers are from Target, my skinny white jeggings are Express, my t-shirt that says "MIND YOUR BUSINESS. THANK YOU" (which I love) is from Forever 21 and my cardigan is from H&M.  This is the ultimate everyday fashion on a budget, and you'd never know that I didn't break the bank of any of these pieces.  If you're interested in being featured on my Blog, send me a picture, a quick listing of where the pieces are from and your contact information.  I'd love to show your everyday fashion on a budget look!

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