Trending for Fall

Thumbing through my fall fashion magazines, I can't help but notice a couple trends that I must share.  The look above embodies what's trending for Fall:  light layers which include fringe (don't forget to read my post about fringe & distressed denim), a button down A-line mini, boots (knee high if you're pairing with a mini) and a light sweater.  The perfect Fall recipe for success.

There can be lots of substitutions made to this look.  Personally, I love skirts but if you don't, keep the material (suede is everything for Fall) the same and wear a pair of suede trousers.  I remember owning about five of those ribbed sweaters in different colors in the 90's.  Fashion never ceases to amaze me on bringing trends back from the dead.  If you're not feeling the ribbed, fitted sweater, a crisp white button down or cardigan can easily be substituted. 

Another Fall trends that I'm totally crushing on are Chelsea Boots!  That's right.  My name is so awesome that they named a boot style after me.  There are several great things about Chelsea boots, but my favorite is that it's the perfect piece for work and casual wear.  Pair them with a tailored suit and you'll be stylish and comfortable all day at the office.  Pair them with leather pants and a structured top and you're set for the weekend.  Chelsea boots are incredibly versatile and great for someone on the go that doesn't want to be in high heels all day. 
Fall is the perfect time to start building your winter wardrobe.  Invest in pieces that are versatile, true to your own style and can be layered in different ways.  If you only have one use for a wardrobe piece, then it's probably not a good investment.  Light sweaters, A-line minis, fringe and Chelsea boots are all Fall pieces you'll  wear over and over again.

Chelsea K. RayComment