Floppy Hat

I'm in 'floppy hat' love.  I don't think I know one girl that hasn't woken up a little late and thought about how much faster her shower would be if she didn't have to wash her hair.  The struggle is real people!  I know I'm not alone when I wake up just a few minutes later than usual and know I'm either going to be late, or I'm wearing at hat.  Luckily, a floppy hat solves more than just a "late wake up hair" problem.  The front tilt of the brim even lends forgiveness to a not so perfect make up application, as well. 

Now don't get me wrong... The floppy hat's purpose is not to conceal, it's actually to enhance.  I believe that as soon as you put a hat on, it becomes the center of attention.  Women so rarely wear hats these days, that when you sport any type of hat that's out of your usual look, it's going to get attention. Be sure to draw positive attention with a hat that is flattering to your skin type and appropriate to your outfit's overall theme.
The tan suede hat I got from Heart and Sole in the North End of Boston was a total whim buy, but has proven to be a Fall staple.  If you like the floppy hat style and can't make it to Boston, I've seen them at Macys and Forever21.  It's an automatic outfit update and you'll be sure to get loads of compliments.  My booties and hat are from Heart and Sole, flare jeans are from Express, cold shoulder top is from Expressively Trends (Exchange Street Portland, ME).


Chelsea K. RayComment