Work Wear on a Budget

My professional attire usually consists of whatever is in high fashion at that moment, so I recognize that I had to bring in someone who knows more than most about work wear on a budget... my sister Danielle.  Ever since we were little, Danielle has always had a flare for fashion.  She truly is my inspiration for my blog.  A few years ago, I remember her saying, "my husband said I can buy anything I want, as long as it's from Target".  Bravo Damon.  He too recognizes that great fashion doesn't have to cost a fortune.

Danielle sent me this picture, with "Head to Toe Target and Payless" in the subject line.  I was like a proud Mama Bear.  I mean, she gets up at the crack of dawn every morning, gets her three small children ready for school and still has time to look this good for work.  Mad props, Danielle.  You are proof that women can do it all.  Although, I'm sure being tall, thin and stunningly beautiful helps.

Danielle did point out that her skirt is from her Stitch Fix subscription.  What is Stitch Fix you ask?  It's probably going to put me out of business, is what it is!  Every month, Danielle receives a box of hand selected clothing and accessories within her budget and preferences, straight to her door.  She can try pieces on in the comfort of her home, evaluate if the pieces will work with her current wardrobe and if she doesn't like anything, she sends it right back.  It's a pretty awesome solution for busy women who can't hire me as a personal shopper.

Danielle's work look is a total 'DO' for a few reasons.  First of all, she shopped on a budget, which means she saved money.  Smart.  Also, her aqua patent leather flats from Payless add a pop of color that lends her outfit an element of fun.  Her multi-layer pearl statement necklace dresses up the look by adding sophistication. 

You don't have to wear a suit to look professional.  And you don't have to spend a fortune on your work wardrobe.  Shop smart like Danielle and put multiple uses to your work pieces.  With brightly colored flats and a statement necklace, she made her look perfect for the office.  On the weekend, she can wear the exact same look in a more casual way by pairing it with some canvas kicks and a cardigan.  Work wear on a budget means more money for the things you love the most... like more clothes!
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