Loungewear, workout clothes, weekend attire.  Call it what you will, but it's officially my favorite type of clothing.  Of course you can't wear it for all occasions, so let's go over some instances that loungewear would be inappropriate... Cocktail hour, dinner out, holidays, special occasions, etc.  You get the picture.  Other than casual situations, please don't go out in your loungewear.

Now, let's go over the instances that I DO wear loungewear... Dropping the kids off at school, running errands, working out, lazy weekends, heck, I'd even wear my loungewear to a casual brunch with the girls.  If your loungewear is stylish, it really knocks down all those preconceived notions of "gym only" attire.  Because I wear loungewear almost daily, I have really invested in some key pieces to keeping my look fresh and not frumpy.

I first started with two track suits from Victoria's Secret.  They carry an incredible selection of loungewear and the quality is solid.  You'll definitely have your VS tracksuits for years.  I chose a slim jogger style pant, but you can choose from boyfriend (which is long and loose), they have every style yoga pant you could imagine (boot cut, flare, cropped, skinny, etc.) and they carry sizes all the way through XL (which fits more like a XXL, because they run a bit big).  Definitely check out Victoria's Secret's selection of loungewear.
Next up, I went to Old Navy to get my little guy some uniform pieces and of course, they were completely out of everything I needed for HIM.  SO, that means I had to use my coupon on something, right?  Well, to my surprise, Old Navy carries a new line of loungewear.  I was pretty pumped.  I got four bralettes in lace and bright colors and a few tanks with fun sayings on them.  They're a bit sheer and long, so with a bralette underneath and a quick front tuck into my VS pants, my look is almost complete.
Lastly, I throw on my high tops (from Target) and mirrored sunglasses (from Daily Dazzle Deals) and I honestly feel like I can accomplish anything.  I mean, maybe not a full workout, because I would break my ankle in those wedge high tops, and I'd definitely need more support with a sports bra, rather than a bralette, but Target, bills and brunch are under control.  Loungewear is my love and you will see me sporting it daily.  I highly suggest you find your perfect loungewear look and roll with it.

Chelsea K. RayComment