Look For Less: Workwear Essentials

Please welcome Guest Writer, Peter Minkoff, Editor of High Style Life.  In this post, Peter has laid out the perfect recipe for work wear essentials on a budget.  Enjoy!
Workwear should be a mean for success, and not a goal by itself.  Spending all your salary on it, seems pointless.  Still, there is no reason not to look stylish in the office and simply blend into a dull crowd.  The clothes you are wearing at work send different messages about you.  In fact,  a number of surveys done with managers shown that employee’s choice of work-outfit has significant influence on possible promotion and salary increase.  That still doesn’t mean you have to wear a suit to the office.  Balancing fashion and work related clothing, while keeping your expenses under control, is a special kind of art. We would like to teach you how to become a master in it.

Investing in Timelessness

You know that one piece you are wearing year after year, and it never seems to get old? Well, you need several similarly classical items in neutral colors that go well with just about anything. That kind of clothes is worth the investment, so don’t be afraid to spend a few extra bucks. In the end, it is made to last and survive different fashion trends. Essential workwear colors are black, white, beige and brown. Having one timeless piece in every one of those colors will save you a lot of trouble when combining it with different clothes. Now that we’ve covered the “whys” let’s see the “whats”. Your worth-of-spending-the-money pieces are: trousers, pencil skirts, blazers, basic shirts, jackets, statement accessories such as earrings, leather bags and flats.
Adding a Twist

One easy and affordable way to add a twist to your workwear is by accessorizing. Depending on how formal your office is, you can always opt for colorful conspicuous jewelry to fight the monotony of office clothing. If there is no corporate fashion rules, why not opting for yellow shoes paired up with your classic black pencil skirt and a white buttoned-down shirt? When there is creativity allowed in your workplace, try to use it. Don’t go overboard, though. Some statement necklace, paired up with shirt and trousers will be enough. Accessories can elevate the otherwise monotonous outfit without making it inappropriate. You shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with scarves, belts, earrings, bracelets or bags. You can also add a twist by wearing patterned or bright colored clothing pieces.
Shopping Wisely
Save even more money by being smart while you do your shopping. The mentioned investment in classic pieces is one of the ways. You can even save more money by shopping out of season or in outlet stores for the clothes remaining in storage. As your pieces of choice are classical, there’s no way they are not fashionable this year the same as the last one. Don’t steer away from the consignment stores either, you can find great designer pieces at incredibly low prices. If they don’t fit perfectly, you can always visit a tailor. Hunting for coupons and discounts is one more road to go.
Menswear Section
Boys have it simple. They just need to put on a suit, and that’s it. Right? Wrong. A little fashion experimenting is recommendable for gentlemen to. Girls go mad for Mad Men, and their bosses are constantly giving them more money. If you want that for yourself, choose an inspiration and work on it. It doesn’t have to be Don Draper, Ginsberg’s creative outfits will work fine, depending on your work field. A good pair of custom jeans will take you a long way if you combine it with a nice and lightweight pullover or a shirt. Depending on if your office is somewhat relaxed when it comes to clothing, you can rock a leather jacket or opt for a work-appropriate jacket or a coat. Wide legs pants are always a good way to go, and let’s face it, no matter how modern are you, you should always have one or two nice (if possible custom made) suits. A wrist watch will show that you are a serious and ambitious man. Shop for clothes made to last, when it comes to fashion and endurance, and you’ll save more money in the long term.
Now, go! It’s time to conquer the office with your impeccable (and affordable) stylishness!
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