Juicy Couture + My Blog

It's hard to believe that Juicy Couture, the once glamorous LA-brand created in 1997, would find itself exclusively at Kohls department store in 2014.  I remember Juicy Couture tracksuits being everything in the late 90's.  It took me almost ten years to be able to afford a Juicy suit and finally when I could, I realized they were not made for anyone over 5'8".  Over the years, I've scooped up a couple zip down velour hoodies and accepted defeat... That I'd never be able to wear Juicy Couture head to toe.

Flash forward to 2015 and here I am.  In Juicy pants, top and backpack all for around $150 (some pieces were on sale).  I'm all about featuring high end designers at department store prices.  It gives the rest of the world the ability to rock a style they normally couldn't.  Kohls actually carries several designer lines that are featured specially for the average consumer.  Vera Wang, Lauren Conrad, Rock & Republic... just to name a few. 

The Juicy Couture leggings I'm wearing have a silver waistband and logo, which elevates it from your everyday black skinnies.  The brightly colored pineapple top has a terry feel with sheer fishnet embellishments.  The backpack is straight fly.  I'm a huge fan of being hands free, but a lot of times, backpacks can make you look a bit frumpy.  This pink, sequined bag is fun, fashionable and can be carried year round.  I love that.

I believe that Juicy Couture is on to something.  Being more affordable and accessible makes your brand more popular.  Some people may believe that Juicy "sold out", but if I've learned anything in the fashion industry... Putting yourself out there and taking down preconceived notions opens doors to unlimited possibilities.  My blog and Juicy have the same idea.  Brilliant! 
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