Furry Booties or Slippers?


It's a rare moment when a Fashion Blogger asks for fashion help.  Usually I have confidence in my ability to walk out of the house knowing my look is on point.  Yesterday, I couldn't decide.  I needed some warm, black, flat booties.  I've been looking everywhere and was impressed to see Target's selection.  They had Ugg-Style boots, designer-looking rain boots, lumberjack boots, booties, fringe boots, leather boots... I could go on, but I'll stop.  You get it.  I instantly fell in love with these black furry booties for less than $35.
They're adorable, right?  It was a frigid day, so I knew layers were essential.  I layered leggings, a fitted, brightly colored tunic and a drapy hi-lo sweater.  I thought the booties worked perfectly, until I walked out the door and sort of felt like they looked like slippers.  This could be because they are so darn comfortable.  It could have been because they're completely flat.  It could have been the folded down fur.  Honestly, I don't know what it is.  A feeling I guess?
Here's where I could use your help.  I can't decide if I need to retire my furry booties to inside the house only or if they're appropriate enough for casual daytime looks?  I know what I want to hear, but I'm smart enough to trust that I've educated my followers to give me the right advice.  I'm too biased.  I love them too much to decide on my own.  Comment, text, call.  Let me know if these are furry booties or furry slippers?  Thank you!

Chelsea K. RayComment