Suede Vest

There's always at least one seasonal trend that I don't initially like and swear that I'm not going to sell out on just because it's popular.  Like gladiator sandals.  Two summers ago, they were all over the scene.  I swore I would stand true to myself and never buy a pair, no matter how popular they got.  Ugggghhhhh... I now have two pair.  One black, one olive.  Crap!
In High School, puffer vests (down) were all the rage.  They were so hot that when my parents made me decide if I wanted a vest or a jacket for winter (because they weren't buying both), I struggled through the entire winter... in a vest.  After that ridiculous winter, I swore off vests FOREVER!
Until now.  Crap, crap, crap!  I'm a sell out.  But when I really think about it.  Who am I selling out to?  My teenage self?  Let's get real and talk about this incredible suede vest I got from Shop Priceless.  I really wasn't wild about this style of vests when they first came on the scene.  Probably because of my preconceived notions of vests in general.  But when I saw this one, I had to have it.
I've only had this incredible suede vest for a couple weeks and I've worn it a million times.  It's a light tan suede on the outside and a white faux fur on the inside.  There's no closures, so it drapes in the front and is incredibly warm.  Talk bout an upgrade to the black down puffer I wore for the entire winter in High School.  The vest has a bit of a casual feel, so I pair it with my distressed denim and suede booties.  I let the vest be the star of the fashion show by pairing it with a plain white long sleeve tee underneath. 
I love my new suede vest and don't feel like a sell out wearing it.  I actually feel very fashionable and warm.  Warm is key.  If you like this style of vest, I highly suggest you check out Shop Priceless.  I got both my jeans and vest from their online boutique and they always send a free accessory with your order.  This time I got a pair of front-back pearl earrings that I absolutely love. 
I will probably continue to dislike certain fashion trends and then eventually love them.  It's part of the fashion evolution.  I'm constantly progressing towards the ultimate fashion goal: to look and feel amazing.  This suede vest was a fashion risk I'm happy I took.  I'll be wearing it all Fall, Winter and Spring.  Break down preconceived notions, open your mind and for gosh sakes, get yourself a suede vest.

Chelsea K. RayComment