It's My Birthday, and I'll Dress Like a Lumberjack If I Want To

The "lumberjack" is SO not my look.  I'm girly.  I like lace, ruffles, pink, ya know... Girly.  But, who says that I always have to dress girly?  Something about Fall makes me want to wear rugged boots and a flannel.  And gosh darn it, I'm going to.  It just feels right.  Today, on my 34th birthday, I'm going to dress like a lumberjack.

When I turned 30, I jokingly told everyone I was tired of getting older and I was going to start counting backwards each additional year.  So, that would make me 26 today.  That was seriously a good idea.  But really, 34 isn't that old and every year that I do get older, I actually feel younger.  Let me explain.  When I was a little girl, if you would have asked me if 34 was old, I would have said, "yes".  If you would have asked me as a teenager is 34 is old, I would have said, "I'll probably be married with kids at 34, so yes, that's old".  At 21, my response would have been, "at least it's not 40.  Now that's old!"  Now, at the real 34, I feel like I'm 26.

I've heard that for women, your 30's are some of your best years.  You know who you are, you have developed a sense of your style and as long as you work at it, your metabolism hasn't completely dropped off the planet.  One of the best parts of being in my 30's is that I have built an awesome wardrobe.  I saved all the quality pieces that fit well from years past, invested in pieces that I couldn't afford in my 20's and truly have a sense of what compliments my body.  If you're in your 30's and haven't quite built the wardrobe of your dreams, call me.  It's what I do.

That's right.  It's my birthday and I'll dress like a lumberjack if I want to.  I'll wear a tiara to dinner and I'll tell everyone I'm 26.  It's my day!  And people, at 34, I'm just getting started.


Boots are new from Target.
Jeans and T-shirt are also from Target.
Flannel shirt is from Forever21.

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