Anne's Incredible Dress

Last weekend, my husband and I went to an absolutely gorgeous wedding.  The ceremony took place outside, by the sea and the reception was in a spectacularly redesigned Church.  The Bride's mother and father were there, and had both been remarried.  As a Step-Mother, I was really touched when an announcement was made, that credited the Step-Parents for all their contribution.  Not being the Mother-of-the-Bride, her Step-Mother, Anne played her role beautifully.

I was so impressed with Anne's entire look.  It was perfect, and as I was gushing over her dress, she revealed that she it was from an online consignment boutique.  I almost fell to the floor.  The dress looked brand new, was definitely designer, fit her perfectly and even coordinated with the wedding colors.  I had to find out immediately what site she got it off.  She was kind enough to let me share her secret with my followers...

I had heard of ThredUp before, but had never actually been on their site.  Well, shame on you, Anne Mazer.  Now I can't get off it!  Fashion pieces that you won't find anywhere else for prices you can't beat.  Some of the designer pieces have tags still on them!  If you're not familiar with how consignment works, I'll give you a very brief rundown.  A consignment boutique buys and sells gently used (sometimes brand new) items for a reduced price.  The best part of ThredUp is that they have an excellent return policy, which is so necessary when buying online.

Anne, you never surprise me with your incredible fashion sense, but you definitely impressed me with your budget savvy shopping.  You have opened a whole new world to me (and my followers) with ThredUp.  Thank you for letting me feature you on my blog.  You are officially a contributor to Everyday Fashion on a Budget!

Chelsea K. RayComment