Mirina Collections

When my Mirina Collections statement necklace came in the mail, I was like a little kid on her birthday, opening the beautifully wrapped package.  I had been anxiously awaiting it's arrival, and although it was almost a three week production process... It was well worth the wait.  We're talking twice as stunning as I was expecting.  Pictures can't do it justice.  It's like nothing I have ever seen before.  And it's all mine!  I was also extremely surprised to see I received a FREE pair of front-back pearl earrings with my package.  They too are gorgeous.

As soon as I got it, I showed some of my girlfriends and their immediate response was, "I want one".  Of course you do.  Who wouldn't?  A statement necklace can elevate any look from everyday to amazing.  All the Mirina pieces are handmade, so it takes a few weeks for your order to come in the mail.  If you're ordering one for a Christmas gift, I suggest ordering soon. You, your wife/girlfriend, your bestfriend will absolutely love it, I promise.  As a bonus to all my followers, I'm extending my discount on all Mirina Collections statement necklaces.  Just use coupon code: chelseak20 at checkout for 20% OFF your order.

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Use coupon code: chelseak20 at checkout to get 20% OFF

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