Bold Accessories

I love making a statement.  Whether it's with my quick tongue or with my fashion sense, being bold is just who I am.  I don't mind standing out from a crowd, and to be honest, not being part of a crowd sounds way better to me, than fitting in.  If everyone is doing it, I'm probably in the corner doing something else.  Call me a rebel without a cause, but I kinda like having my own sense of style.

One of my boldest statements I've been making lately is with accessories.  Usually, fashion rules say limit your look to one statement piece.  But the rebel inside of me says, "Self.  Heck with fashion rules.  Let's break them and wear as many bold accessories as my little heart desires."  The result: A retro style black hat from The Flowerman and a statement necklace from Mirina Collections.

If you haven't yet checked out The Flowerman Online Boutique, you absolutely must.  It's filled with bold accessories and fashionable clothing items at prices that you won't see at any of your local boutiques.  On top of their amazing prices, The Flowerman is offering my followers 10% OFF your entire order.  Just enter code: INSTA15 at checkout. 
I've been getting compliments galore on this bold statement necklace.  You may remember it from a post I did a couple months ago, titled Mirina Collections.  My necklaces I've been wearing by Mirina have gotten so much attention, they've titled me Brand Ambassador, which allows me to extend my discount to my followers for 20% OFF your entire order!  Just enter code: CHELSEAK20 at checkout.
Bold accessories are definitely in style and in my opinion, be brave and wear more than one at a time.  Stand out from the crowd, make a statement and love your unique look.  If you're not sure if a combination works, you can always e-mail a picture at and I'll reply within the hour.   

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