Trending Now: The Lumbersexual Look

I wish I could take credit for this amazingly well written piece on The Lumbersexual Look, but all the credit goes to Peter Minkoff, Editor of High Style Life.  I absolutely love this men's look and I hope it doesn't go anywhere.  It's about time  men put in as much to their look as women!  Enjoy.

We all know real men wear beard, right? Hence, the only logical way to live a respectful life (if you are a man OR Conchita Wurst, no disrespect) is to grow one and stay in grace and the image of your Creator.  Just kidding.  It is a thought-provoking parallel though, you’ll admit!
It appears that the trend of bearded men has overtaken the planet and things may just be getting out of hand. Why? While the trend of long beards was at first pretty interesting, hot, sensual and exotic it may seem like some guys have taken it to another level. But hey – different people, different likes – and who are we to judge!

The lumbersexual look is trending for some time now, with so many guys adopting the style, upgrading it with their sartorial sense of harmony and masculinity. These boys and wannabe lumberjacks, with their impeccable killer sense of style are dreamy in their own right; their rough handsomeness and captivating charm are probably the reason why we collectively can’t get enough!

If you are not sure how to spot a lumbersexual, here are some pointers that will make things clear:
1. Plaid shirts are their bible
One simply cannot be lumbersexual if he’s not sporting a plaid shirt in as many occasions as possible. These guys have closets full of plaid shirts in variety of colors and are more than happy to flaunt them around. And, for some reason – this wannabe Canadian lumberjack wrapped in a sensitive, somewhat opinionated but mostly creative and dreamy shell – is surprisingly chic, despite the repetition of patterns he wears.
2.  Their hair is slick back, the beard long- and they're not afraid to show it
Nothing says lumbersexual like a long, well groomed, and in-all-the-right-places-trimmed-beard. If you can’t grow a beard, you can’t go lumber, sorry! For their beards to stay bushy and healthy enough, they use a beard comb; beard oil and variety of products that keep it looking awesome are also a party of their beauty routine.
By the by, unlike a lumberjack who’ll be spotted deep in the forest, chopping woods and heavily sweating, a lumbersexual will be spotted sitting in the corner of the hip (and probably hipster) café, scrolling through his iPhone or simply thinking about the meaning of life… pardon, Instagram. Oh well! A lumbersexual will also never let his body parts (yes, all of them) stay unattended in terms of the grooming routine – you gotta keep those hairs in check!
3. They are a bit narcissistic
It doesn’t really come as a surprise that these men are self-obsessed. Committing to a particular style and this hard – definitely screams narcissism! This fixation  on looking spectacular at all times comes with a pressure, though – lumbersexuals will undergo non surgical nose jobs or even laser treatment for freckles to even out everything that may stand out in the context of the expected lumbersexual look! Oh, well!
4. They love to accessorize

Where would a lumbersexual be without his glasses (most likely Clark Kent ones), a fedora, a backpack and a camera around his neck! I mean… all those wonderful photos of croissants and streets filtered through the latest analogue filter won’t find their way to the latest photo blog themselves, will they?
Oh and – let’s not forget about one of their favorite accessorize - all the highbrow tattoos!
5. They are very particular about their shoes

Cold times ask for Canadians, hiking boots or (fringe) boots while warmer days ask for something lighter, like flip flops or loafers. Simple, almost a no-brainer!
Stylists have agreed that the lumbersexual of today resembles the every other north-Minnesota-born-and-raised-guy. In recent take on lumber fashion explored in CityPages, we get to enjoy Minesota-born Andrea Sega’s (the century-old maker of rucksacks and luggage) awesome point:
"I guess stereotypical of what most people would say of our guys would be like a classic wool or plaid shirt, some boots, rolled-up jeans, probably rocking a good mustache or a beard, combed-back hair, and I could see some kind of urban-looking glasses!"
Anything to add? Not really!




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