The Flowerman Leggings

I'm totally digging on a site that I recently found.  It truly embodies everyday fashion on a budget.  It's called The Flowerman and they have an incredible selection of apparel and accessories at prices you won't find at any of your local boutiques.

I've been longing for a pair of (I call them) "Beetlejuice leggings".  They're really hot for winter and as we all know, vertical stripes elongate your legs.  You can usually find leggings like these for anywhere between $30 to $100.  I just can't justify buying leggings for that.  That's why when I saw The Flowerman had them for $10, it was meant to be.

I placed my order and expected it to take at least two weeks.  Usually orders that come from China can take up to a month to receive.  I was pleasantly surprised when my leggings arrived in one week!  I put them on immediately and they fit perfectly.  Long enough to wear with my favorite black booties and short enough to let a little ankle show with my favorite sneakers.  So versatile, I love it. 

Of course, leggings aren't all you can get from The Flowerman for an incredible price.  Right now, they have an incredible selection of winter coats, trousers, boots, bags, sweaters, dresses... you name it.  The cherry on top, is that The Flowerman is offering all apparel and accessories (on top of their incredible prices for 10% OFF!  Just enter code: "insta15" at checkout.
Chelsea K. Ray1 Comment