Guys: What She REALLY Wants For Christmas...

Years ago, I made THAT mistake.  The one that most new wives make, thinking selflessness will lead to generous spontaneity.  I remember my husband asked what I wanted for Christmas, and I foolishly said, "nothing, Dear", thinking he would WOW me with something.  It only took one Christmas with "nothing" under the tree to learn that honesty is the best policy.  What I REALLY want for Christmas is something luxurious and thoughtful. 

Your girl wants to know that you still think of her as sexy, beautiful and cute, like you did the day you fell in love with her.  She wants to be warm, but also have something she can show off.  Luckily, she's not asking for something expensive, she wants something you picked out just for her.

Here's what she really wants.  A sparkly piece of jewelry and some faux fur (real if that's what she likes and is in your budget).  Unless she asks for something specific (in that case, thank your lucky stars), jewels and fur are the perfect combination of what she really wants for Christmas.  Below, are a few suggestions and direct links to sites that will have exactly what you're looking for.  What you decide is the right style for her, makes it perfect.

The Statement Necklace
Whether she's wearing a cocktail dress, a white button down shirt or nothing at all, the perfect statement piece for any occasion is a MIRINA COLLECTION statement piece.  All their pieces are handmade and completely unique.  You can choose from gold, silver or pewter.  Statement necklaces are all the rage right now and you'll definitely wow her with any MIRINA COLLECTION statement piece.  Each piece ranges from $50-$200 and lucky for you, I'm an Mirina Ambassador so I can offer my 20% OFF discount to you.  Just type in: Chelseak20 at checkout.  Click HERE to see Mirina's entire collection of statement necklaces.

(Faux) Fur

I own at least three faux fur coats.  And in the winter, I wear them all the time.  Not one person has ever asked me if it's real.  Don't get me wrong.  If my husband came home with a beautiful REAL fur coat, I would be thrilled.  It's not about the animal, it's just that they're outrageously expensive.  My absolute favorite faux fur coat is the one pictured above.  It hits right at my hips and is the warmest thing I own.  I got it at H&M for around $40.  I got it years ago, but was able to find one similar that I know she will love from Forever21.  Just click HERE to see their entire selection of faux fur coats (many under $50).
Okay Gentleman.  Now you know exactly what to get her for Christmas.  If you still can't decide, I'm a Personal Shopper and would happy to take you to the Mall and show you incredible options and help you find the perfect fit for her.  I don't put a personal guarantee on much, but a statement necklace and a faux fur coat will definitely be something she'll smile about every time she puts it on.  Not to mention both items have major bragging qualities, so all her friends will think you're the BEST boyfriend/husband on earth.  Merry Christmas!

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