Thanksgiving Attire

Happy Thanksgiving!  Who doesn't love a holiday that's based on getting together with everyone you love and eating a delicious meal?  This year, I'm taking some advice from one of my fashion magazines and keeping my Thanksgiving attire, casual.  People: Style Watch focuses on celebrity fashion that's affordable and accessible to everyone.  Which is SO in line with my Blog.  I was inspired by a spread they did in their recent Holiday Edition.  It encouraged a casual and comfortable style for the holidays.  Honestly, I love it.

Of course it's extremely important that I point out that casual Thanksgiving attire is only appropriate if you are celebrating in a casual way.  Going to your boyfriend's parent's house?  I'd think more along the lines of "dress to impress".  Going to a restaurant to celebrate?  Wear something you would to any other nice dinner out.  But if you're lucky enough to be celebrating thanksgiving at home with your closest family and friends (like I am), then being comfortable and looking cute IS possible. 

I grew up in a home where you always wore your Sunday best to holiday parties and I still keep that mentality.  Holidays only come once a year and it's respectful to dress up.  This year, my parents are in the Dominican Republic, so I'm doing Thanksgiving my own way.  Wearing jammies to Thanksgiving dinner, although sounds amazing is just something I can't do.  But wearing some jogger pants, my favorite kicks and a cozy fur vest over a tee sounds just about right.

Thanksgiving is a time to be with the ones you love.  If you can't be with everyone (which seems to happen more and more as our family grows older and older), appreciate the ones you can be with.  Make sure what you wear is in line with the venue and crowd.  A little luxurious comfort goes a long way.  Layer a little sparkle or fur on your cozy separates.  Wear a cashmere beanie.  Wear wedge sneakers.  Wear a fit n' flare skirt with an embellished sweatshirt.  If your Thanksgiving party is casual, take full advantage of it.  Lots of uncomfortable holiday parties are on their way!

Chelsea K. RayComment