It's no secret that I LOVE sparkle.  A pretty dress is one thing, but when you add some bling to it... Ohmigod.  This time of year is the ultimate time to sparkle, so get your shine on!  I know you have at least one holiday party this year.  Everyone is looking for that perfect red dress, or white cashmere sweater, but why not really stand out this year and wear some sparkle?
Not sure where to start?  Don't want to look like a disco ball?  There are some simple guidelines to wearing sparkly clothes and accessories this season.  Limit your shine to one piece, like a blazer, a blingy necklace or pumps.  Head to toe sparkle will look a bit outrageous.  My girl, Zephi* (photographed above) looks show stopping in her INC gold sparkly dress.  She kept the rest of her look clean with black pumps.
This incredible silver sparkly dress is the perfect way to bring your bling to any holiday party.  Wear it with sheer black tights and heels, and your look is complete.  You'll turn every head in the place with a full on sparkly dress.  This one is from Forever 21.
Don't want your sparkle from top to bottom?  No worries.  There are lots of other ways to feature a little bling.  This skirt from H&M has blue and gold tones and is the perfect compliment to a black blouse and heels.  It says sparkle, without screaming it!  My favorite pair of holiday pants are leggings I got from H&M last year that are covered in silver sequins.  If you'd rather highlight your top half, the easiest way to pull sparkle off is with an embellished top.  Keep your look streamlined from head to toe and throw a little sparkle on your top with a pin, a scarf or even a bold statement necklace.
For the totally timid sparkle enthusiast... wear your sparkle on your feet.  It says, "I'm fun, but not over the top".  There's two ways to show off sparkle on your feet.  Either with your shoes, like these peep toe pumps from Target or my favorite which is painting your toe nails with some glittery paint.  People might just notice your sparkle, if you get out on the dance floor and show them what you got. 
However you like to show your sparkle off, 'tis the season.  Bring a little bright shine to your next holiday party, or just to cocktails with friends.  Either way, it's definitely sparkle season.  Show it off!  
*A few thank you's:
-Thank you to the Westin Hotel in Portland, Maine for allowing us to do our shoot in their stunning lobby.  If you're looking for a beautiful picture, the Westin is the spot.
-Thank you to my stunning model, Zephila McDonough:
Zephila McDonough is mother of a beautiful 5 year old. In addition to having a full family life with her daughter and husband, she is an entrepreneur who is dedicated to becoming a better version of herself everyday. She loves being of service to women in her community through mentoring. Zephi has an extensive background in the restaurant industry at many capacities. Her love for fashion and beauty brought her to becoming an esthetician and make-up artist in Boston. She is now owner of her future through a network marketing company called Arbonne.
-Thank you to the incredibly talented hair stylist and makeup artist, Christine Libby:
5 years in the beauty industry providing hair and makeup services.
Have a passion for making people both look and feel beautiful
Love providing services for all types: photo shoots, weddings, special occasions
Fun, energetic, outgoing

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