Stand Out at a Holiday Party

I'm always a huge advocate of standing out from the crowd with style.  Looking like everyone else is lame.  This mentality has been embedded in me since I was a toddler.  My parents believed that independence in a young child is extremely important and allowed me to dress myself every morning as young as preschool.  As long as I was warm enough, pretty much anything went.  I took full advantage of having a stylish mother and older sister and would layer satin pajamas and sequined scarfs over everything.

Of course, having a "different" sense of style didn't come without harassment.  Kids really can be so mean.  Eventually, I got to an age where I just wanted to fit in and shopped at GAP exclusively.  Such sad days.  Luckily, college arrived and my fashion balls came back full force.  Those Southern girls would all wear the exact same thing.  Hair in a pony tail, pearls, t-shirt, jeans and flip flops.  Lame.  Super lame.  I made it a point to stand out in my super short mini skirt and "What Boyfriend?" t-shirt.  I liked the shocked looks and jaw drops.  Looking different is cool people.  Make them look.

With holiday parties coming up (tonight is my first one of the season), my philosophy of standing out runs strong.  There will absolutely be an element of bling, maybe some fur, maybe a romper?  A little black dress just doesn't cut it.  There's tons of great ways to stand out at your next holiday party.  Here are some ideas:

A Black Jumpsuit
One thing to keep in mind if you're wearing a back jumpsuit... pair it with heels.  The key is to elongate your legs and keep the jumpsuit looking fresh and dressed up.
Embellished Heels
Can't wear high heels?  I'm almost six feet tall.  I get it.  Invest in a pair of kitten heels (the shoe looks just like a pump, but the heel is only 1/2-1" high).  Wedges are really easy to walk in.  There's no gap between the ball and heel of your foot.  Just make sure they have some sparkle or they are brightly colored.
Feathers have been all over the fashion scene the past couple years.  I've even seen them on wedding dresses!  Just want a little feather embellishment?  Try a pair of feather earrings or embellished heels.  Love the feather look?  A feather coat or clutch is the perfect statement piece.
Picture credit: Pages from People Style Watch!  It's my favorite fashion magazine right now.

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