Oh Deer, 2016 is Here!

Happy New Year!  I can hardly believe 2016 is already here.  I find the older I get, the faster time flies by.  2015 was a great year for me and my fashion blog.  I learned a lot.  Hard work and persistence pay off, and attention to detail and following through are extremely important.  I have achieved my goals for 2015 and am now focusing on the year ahead.
As you can see from the picture above, I'm on vacation in Miami.  When I get back to Maine, I have set some goals for 2016 and I'm excited to share them with my followers.  I find if I actually write them down for the world to see, I'm held accountable for what I say.  My first goal is to purchase my own domain.  I really should have done this years ago, but have recently seen the advantages (or disadvantages of not having my own).
My blog will still focus on fashion that is affordable and accessible, but my brand will become Chelsea K. Ray.  Everyday Fashion on a Budget is truly what I live by, and I will continue to wear everything I feature on my blog, but to keep things consistent, I am my brand.  The consulting side of my business is gaining momentum and my blog continues to gain followers everyday.  Thank you for your love and support.
Another goal I have made for 2016 is to feature more diversity on my blog.  It will still have affordable fashion, but you (hopefully) won't see me modeling as much.  I understand everyone isn't in their 30's, six feet tall and has my body type.  I believe my followers would like to relate to different styles on different bodies, at different ages.  With that said, I'm looking for models!  The job is unpaid, but I promise you'll have fun doing a photo shoot and I always promote you and your business in each post.  The pictures I take are yours to keep.  E-mail me in you're interested.
Good bye 2015.  I'm getting better at everything with time, so 2016 is sure to be a great one.  I'll continue to share my ups and downs and hopefully gain more and more success as the year progresses.  I love what I do and thank my lucky stars everyday that I have the opportunity to do it.  Happy New Year!
Romper: Top Shop
Platforms: Steve Madden
Bag: Michael Kors

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