Stay Golden

I can't stop.  And why should I?  Just because the Holidays are over, why do I need to stop wearing my sparkles?  I mean, a red blingy satin gown might be a bit much for January, but my golden sequin top from H&M... She'll keep shining all Winter.  Speaking of gold, the 24 carat gold woolly mammoth skeleton behind me in this picture is on display at the Faena Hotel on Miami Beach, if you're interested in seeing something spectacular. 

I struggle a bit this time of year, working in the fashion industry.  I live in Maine where the cold temperatures hang around until April, but am constantly surrounded with Spring fashion.  My philosophy: Wear what is appropriate to your region and climate.  Which means that Spring fashion will have to wait until Spring actually comes. Or, I'll just have to keep traveling to Miami, Florida.  I'll take the latter. 

Getting back to my golden top from H&M... I scooped it up for almost nothing.  I actually scooped up five pieces from H&M last week, all priced at $10 a piece!  The golden sequin top had a matching golden sequin pencil skirt, so I had to get the set.  I also scored a green long sleeve sequin dress for next year's holiday parties, a pink satin drop waist dress for Valentine's Day (to be featured next month) and a pair of black pumps (which are surprisingly wearable). 

I left H&M with my five "unseasonable" pieces and $50 (plus tax) less in my wallet, feeling high as a kite.  There's something to be said about getting a great deal.  If you're smart, you'll shop like I do and scoop up holiday pieces at a fraction of their original price for next year's season.  I do the same thing for late summer sales.  Once August rolls around, all summer clothing and accessories are put on clearance and you can get some incredible deals.  After I come home with my unseasonable purchases, I put them in my summer bins and have a delightful surprise come spring when I open my bin and have NEW clothes to wear.

It's okay to shop smart and it's okay to wear your sparkly pieces after the holidays.  Wear what is appropriate to your region and climate.  What I wear in Maine is totally different than what I wear at the same time in Miami (mostly because of the temperature difference).   Scoop up all the deals you can and stay golden.

Gold Top: H&M
Jeggings: Express
Lace-up Heels: Steve Madden

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