I've read a lot about subscription apparel companies.  A lot of good, a lot of bad and very little first hand testimonials.  I first heard of FABLETICS (an activewear subscription line launched by Kate Hudson) a couple years ago.  In the beginning, the reviews weren't great.  The complaints weren't so much with the quality of the activewear as much as the subscription process.  Customers were being charged when they hadn't even purchased anything.

Let me explain a little how their subscription works.  Every month, you select your merchandise and it's shipped to you. The amount you pay is clearly stated and no subscription fee is charged.  BUT, if you forget to select merchandise that month or you forget to "opt out" and a "subscription fee" will be charged.  Disgruntled customers were outraged (and voicing it on social media) that they couldn't get their money back after they had forgotten to "opt out" one month.

I went on the FABLETICS site to see for myself, if there seemed to be any sort of scam or trick.  In my opinion, it's black and white (or at least the big bold text is).  There's no trickery.  No scam.  FABLETICS clearly states that if you do not want to make a purchase that month, just click on one button and you won't pay a cent.  Pretty clear cut if you ask me.  Not to mention that most sports bras are $25 at any athletic apparel store.  FABLETICS is offering you an entire workout/loungewear outfit for that price.  Pretty sweet, if you ask me. 

But don't ask me.  Ask Heather Reed*, a dear friend (check out those guns), who recently subscribed to FABLETICS.  Here's her testimonial and product review below:

Hi! My name is Heather Reed and I am writing to promote the Fabletics Subscription. I first came across Fabletics by scrolling through my Facebook. The advertisement jumped out at me because in bold print I read, "Your first outfit ONLY $25.00." I thought I can't go to the Nike Outlet and buy an athletic top for less than $25.00, it was a steal!

After I created my account a quick survey popped up asking me several questions about the styles I feel most comfortable in. In my opinion that's a great trait for the company because I didn't have to waste my time scrolling through pages of outfits that didn't suit my comfort. Almost right away I found the outfit I knew I'd be happy in! I will say I went out of my comfort zone in choosing my pants, but in my opinion many people go out of their comfort zone everyday when they exercise, so why not look the part too and feel good about it!

From the time I ordered my outfit to the time it came in was about two weeks, which was the time frame they predicted to me. I immediately tried my outfit on when it arrived, not only was I absolutely IN LOVE with the color pattern of the pants and how it matched with the top but with the way the pants hugged my hips, not cut into my hips, and how beyond comfortable the top was.

Yes, fabletics is a subscription and to be honest I have never been apart of a subscription, therefore I don't know much about them. However, what I recently found out was the company allows you to skip months and not be charged. For instance I skipped this month because I really didn't see anything that jumped out at me, but I also I didn't want to cancel my subscription because I don't know what next months line looks like yet. Also, at anytime you no longer feel Fabletics is for you, you can cancel your subscription.

I am thrilled about my outfit and I am very satisfied with the company! I would recommend this line not only to people who exercise, but to people who enjoy being comfortable as well!

*A huge thank you to Heather who modeled her FABLETICS outfit and wrote an honest testimonial for me.  No one was paid in this product review/blog post.


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