I've been doing yoga for about 20 years and it's still my favorite form of exercise.  I know what you're thinking, she's been doing yoga for 20 years so she must be really good at it, right?  Nah.  I actually suck at yoga.  No matter how much I practice, my balance and strength suck.  So, I'm still doing my beginner yoga tapes, in hopes that someday I will get better.  I avoid classes, because it's pretty embarrassing when you fall over doing a simple warrior pose (which I do every time).  But just because I suck at yoga doesn't mean I'm going to stop doing it, because you have to admit, yoga pants are so hot right now.

Don't get me wrong.  Lace yoga pants and bralettes are not the only reason I work out.  Yoga and meditation help my body internally as much as externally.  If I didn't take 30-45 minutes a day to clear my mind and get my heart rate up, I'd probably be mentally and physically ill.  All that we put into our body, it's important to focus as much on letting some of it out too.  If I'm not doing yoga, I'm walking.  My favorite route to walk is straight down Congress Street in Portland, Maine.  There's as much mental stimulation as there is physical.  I also love to ride my bicycle (Townie) through the City, although every summer I have an incident of a driver not paying attention and getting almost killed.  Put your cell phones down and pay attention, PEOPLE!!

But let's get to the exciting stuff.  Workout wear.  Honestly, if it were appropriate to wear loungewear 24/7, I probably would.  Maybe it has something to do with playing sports the first 18 years of my life, maybe it's the stretchy material but something about a good pair of yoga pants and a sheer t-shirt makes me feel like I could do anything.  What I SHOULD be doing in that outfit is working out, showering and then putting "real-life" clothes on.  I mean, a lazy Sunday afternoon, running errands in the morning, you get a workout wear pass.  But that's really about it.  Workout wear is for working out. 

Although, that could be motivation to workout more.  Love your new tennis skirt?  Play tennis everyday that week.  Love your new Nike running sneakers?  Run, girl, run!  There are some fashion rules to keep in mind when buying workout wear.  Make sure that your stretchy pieces don't pinch, bunch or roll.  If it does, it's the wrong size/fit.  There's nothing worse than constantly tugging or pulling at your clothes while you're trying to get your sweat on.  Bralettes are for low to no impact.  If you're doing anything that might make your boobs bounce, go for a sports bra with lots of support.  Breathable and absorbable materials will make sweating a lot more attractive.  Keep it tight and wear it right.

Lace Yoga Pants: RoseWe
Olive Bralette: Forever 21

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