Festival Smart

Festival season is amongst us, and I couldn't be more excited.  The music, the food, the fun... It's all good.  I've learned a lot over the years on how to enjoy festivals.  Believe it or not, the right look has a lot to do with it.  You're probably thinking, how does your look impact how much you can enjoy a festival?  A lot more than  you think.  There are two factors that effect how long you can stay and celebrate: 

1.) Comfortable shoes are everything.  I've made the mistake over and over.  I believe I spent my entire 20's making this mistake.  Between heels falling through grass or dirt, giving me blisters or sandal straps cutting into my feet, practical shoes are essential.  A sandal that you've worn before is a smart way to avoid blisters and cuts.  It doesn't matter how much fun you are having... if you're feet are bleeding, it's time to go.  Wear flats, wedges or a block heel.  Your stems sinking in the grass is never fun and will ruin your heels for good.

2.) Dress appropriately.  I'm not talking about revealing, heavy, or brightly colored clothing.  I'm talking about dressing appropriately for the venue and crowd.  I learned a lot going to the Tortuga Festival in Fort Lauderdale this year.  It was a Country Music Festival on the beach and in a tank top and denim cut-offs, I was way overdressed.  Like, every girl (whether it looked good or not), was in a thong bikini.  I guess a cheeky doesn't cut it anymore.  Next year, I know two things: a.) Wear a thong, b.) No, I'm just kidding, really just give my tickets to my college-age step-sons.  I'm too lame for Tortuga.  You'll feel much more comfortable if you go with the flow and wear something along the lines with the rest of the crowd.

Okay, so festival smart this season.  Wear fun, comfortable footwear and dress appropriately for the type of occasion.  A City Festival?  Wear your street gear.  A beach concert?  Wear your bathing suit (cover-up optional).  An outdoor evening concert?  Go for a casual dinner look, with an extra layer to stay warm when the sun sets.  My favorite festival wear has a boho vibe with a cross body bag (so you can be hands-free), a lacy pair of shorts or a skirt and a pair of gladiator sandals that I can walk in all day.  This look can go from day to night and easily be interchanged with a silk button down for dinner. 
My festival look is smart and inexpensive.  It will carry through Spring and all I have to do is exchange the long sleeve cold shoulder top for a tank in the Summer.  Wanna know where to get some amazing festival pieces at affordable prices?  My lace shorts and fringe bag are from Aspira Clothing.  Check out all their amazing and smart festival pieces from rompers to sunglasses.  My boho cold shoulder top is from H&M.  You have to check out their entire line of clothing inspired by Cochella.  My block heel lace-up sandals are Steve Madden.  Festival smart.  Festival on.

Chelsea K. RayComment