I remember the days when skorts were faux-pas.  It was like, your mom made you wear it because you're active and she wanted to keep your undergarments concealed.  Once the mean girls on the playground got wind that your skirt was actually shorts, you were officially un-cool.  As soon as I learned about skorts the hard way, I swore them off for life.  Damn, mean girls.  You Bitches know who you are. 

Luckily, we all grow up.  I learned that my mom was right and that the mean girls are probably still mean and still not wearing skorts.  Foolish.  A skort (if you don't already know) appears to be a skirt, but actually has a pair of shorts connected underneath.  I would actually lump flouncy shorts that look like a shirt into the skort category too.  It's almost an optical illusion for function.  Talk about fashion genius.  I can't believe skorts ever got a bad reputation.

My love affair for skorts began in High School.  I played on the school tennis team and if you've ever worn a traditional pleated tennis skirt with lollies underneath, you know how uncomfortable they are.  There's no stretch, and it sits so high on your waist that you can't breath when sitting down.  Plus, I have such long legs that the skirt appeared way too short for my age.  Our coach gave us an option to purchase our own style tennis skirt and a white stretchy mini skort was the perfect solution.
I wore that tennis skort through high school and into college.  I could run, jump, ride a bike, do a cartwheel, not have to cross my legs when I sat... I could go on, but I'm sure you get it.  Skorts are awesome and with all the amazingly adorable new styles, they'll be a staple in my wardrobe for years to come.  I've scored several skorts and my preference are the ones that have a bit of flounce to them.  The shorts under the skirt give the skirt a bit more volume and you don't have to worry when I gust of wind comes, because the shorts have you covered.
Fashion rules remain the same with skorts.  To lengthen your legs, wear heels with your skort.  For a more casual look, pair your skort with a t-shirt and sandals.  If your skort is flared or flounced, balance it with a more fitted top.  If you are wearing a skort that has a straight fit, a more flowing top will compliment it.  Skorts ARE cool.  Just ask my mom. 
T-Shirt: H&M
Skort: Express
Sandals: DSW

Chelsea K. RayComment