Romper Season is Back!

Hip hip hurray!  If you could see me right now, I'm doing cartwheels over and over again.  Why?  Because I'm wearing a romper and I can!!  Then, I'm going to ride my bike to my sushi lunch date and sit cross-legged under the table... Because I can.  After, I'll pick my son up from Kindergarten and shoot some hoops, because I can do it all, in a romper!

Rompers are the most versatile piece you'll own, and once you find a style you like, the possibilities are endless.  My Consulting Business has been booming this Spring.  All my Clients are calling wanting to lighten up their Spring and Summer wardrobes.  Most of them want to wear rompers, but don't know where to start.  Thank goodness they have me!  I can style a romper on anyone. 

Not sure what style of romper will look good on you?  The best way to figure it out is to try some on.  A friend and I were just having coffee the other morning and she mentioned that she tried a romper on and it looked horrible on her, so rompers must not be for her.  It was a like a knife in my heart.  Don't just give up after trying on ONE romper!  Make notes on what about that romper isn't working.  My friend's complaint was that the waist line was high and made her stomach appear pushed out, even though it wasn't.  She's right on one thing.  If your romper is unflattering, get rid of it.  My suggestion to her was to find a romper with a lower waistline.  One that can be cinched in at the hips, rather than the waist.

Here are a few guidelines on finding a figure flattering romper:  If you're a pear (your torso and waist are small and your hips and bottom are larger), find a romper that is more fitted on the top and cinches at your natural waist.  To balance the fitted top and hide your bottom, look for a romper with a flared short (similar to the style I'm wearing in picture).  Hold weight in your middle section?  Find a romper that has a drawstring or elastic waist that cinches in at the top of your hips.  One of my favorite styles of romper when I'm feeling belly bloated has a button down blouse style top, a wide elastic waist band at the hips and more fitted shorts to balance the loose fitting top.
If you're not totally familiar with rompers, I highly suggest starting at a place like Target or Forever 21.  That way you're not spending a fortune one something you're not completely committed to.  Always try your romper on before you buy.  Every romper fits differently and you'll know right away if it's too short (a wedgie is never a good look or feeling), ill fitting or too revealing.  Once you do find a romper you love, stock up!  The purple boho printed romper I'm wearing is from Target.  I love it so much that I got three of them all in different prints.  The style is also pretty universally flattering.  I just brought this same romper to a Client that didn't think she could wear rompers.  Although we're completely opposite body types, the romper looked great on her.  She loved it!

Add some fun accessories to your romper.  You can be on the go with some comfortable flat sandals, or dress your romper up with some gladiator sandals.  My tan flat sandals are from, get ready... CVS.  I'm totally into temporary tattoos and the ones I'm sporting all Summer are all white with spiritual meanings from Pure Tatts (pictured above).  I have this suede tan fringed vest (from the boutique at the Miami W Hotel, by Jennifer Miller) that goes with everything and adds a fun pop of interest to all my rompers, dresses and tops.  There's a romper out there for everyone.  If you still think you can't wear a romper, call me.  I'll accept any romper challenge.
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