Free People

It all began with a poker game.  It was a warm Spring day in Maine in 2005.  I was on my lunch break at my favorite local Pub on Commercial Street and I had been roped into playing a quick game of poker with my then boyfriend's (now my husband's) friends.  I can't remember the details, but I do remember smoking a bunch of "Old Boys" at their own game and walking away with $200.  My first instinct was to walk across the street and put the money in the bank, but that day I went with my first impulse.  I walked straight up to my favorite boutique, Club 21 and shopped my little heart out.

I spent the entire $200 on a new line they carried called, Free People.  In 2005 in Maine, Free People was basically unheard of.  Bohemian had just made it's comeback since the 70's and it embodied everything I loved about fashion.  See, my parents were Hippies and I consider myself a "Free Spirit" (a.k.a. modern day hippie), so boho is a natural style I gravitate towards.  That day, I bought a Free People: dress, jeans, leg warmers and a gauzy top with my poker winnings... which turned into a love affair that will probably last a lifetime.
Now, Free People is killing it.  Although Club 21 closed shortly after my shopping spree, you can find Free People at most department stores (Macy's, BonTon, Nordstrom, etc.).  With the Bohemian trend going strong, Free people balances comfort with style.  They specialize in pieces that are interchangeable and made for layering until your hearts desire.  They offer a full line of clothing all the way from undergarments to outerwear.  Their clothing is moderately (in my opinion) priced, but if you shop smart, you can hit a sale and get your pieces up to 50% off.
If you don't already own a million pieces by Free People, you soon will.  I don't see the boho trend going anywhere.  Actually, I see it staying strong for a long time, which means stock up on all the Free People you can.  It's comfortable, high quality clothing that you can pass down to your kids (because we all know that the boho trend will be back).  My Free People denim mini dress can be worn with a pair of tights or leggings in the Fall, a pair of wedge sandals in the summer and I paired it perfectly for Spring with my Chelsea Booties.  It's incredibly versatile and I did score it at a fraction of the original retail price through multiple discounts at Macy's.