Summer Vacation: Style & Beauty

Summer is almost here, which means only one thing – vacation time! If you are looking forward to it – welcome to the club! No matter what is your destination of choice, there are some must-haves you simply need wherever you go, so check out our list and make sure that you have packed everything.

1.       Makeup on Point

 Even though many girls stack their makeup bags with a bunch of different eye shadows, lipsticks, blushes, and eyeliners, the truth is that you won’t need that many products. Your summer makeup should be as light as possible, in order for your face not to melt down as soon as you get outside. For this reason, you should bring just the essentials such as tinted moisturiser (instead of foundation which will make your face look too cakey), bronzer for sun-kissed skin, black mascara, and your favourite lip gloss or lipstick in bright colour such as coral red or orange. That’s all!

      2.       Don’t Forget Sunscreen

Needless to say, sunscreen is a huge must-have when it comes to summer vacation, which is why you should slather on it before heading straight to the beach. Products with SPF 30 or higher are recommended, and make sure that they have both UVA and UVB protection. If you are still not convinced of their usefulness, we will just say that these precious creams prevent your skin from premature aging and skin cancer, as well as keep its elasticity and texture. If you haven’t used them yet, it’s high time you started!

        3.       Protect Your Hair
Your hair, as well as your skin, needs specific protection during hot summer days, particularly because sun rays can damage your dyed hair. UV protectant spray is a must, as well as sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner which don’t contain colour-stripping detergents that are found in other similar products. You should also know that humidity causes frizz in your hair, so be prepared for that, too. There are numerous sprays that are meant for heat-styling which will protect your hair colour from going dull, so make sure that you have them in your beauty arsenal this summer.

        4.       Fashion Essentials

When it comes to fashion essentials, the situation is pretty clear this summer – maxi dresses and leather gladiator sandals will once again be huge hits on streets all over the globe. A black dress made of lightweight material can really do wonders, especially when combined with layers of gold or silver long necklaces that bring an amazing contrast. Besides that, floral print will once again be very popular among the girls, since it provides the most feminine vibes ever, no matter on which piece you find it. Denim shorts and button downs in some bright colours can be your go-to choices when it comes to evening walks, and such a combo will be easily transformed into a perfect outfit for a crazy night out by adding chunky bracelets and statement necklaces. When it comes to packing, don’t forget to find a perfect luggage or a travel bag. My recommendation is always Antler travel bags. Practical yet stylish!

        5.       Fabulous Swimwear

 The last and the most important part of your summer vacation is definitely your swimwear, so make sure that you have chosen a bikini that fits your body type in the best possible way. A black one will always do the trick – such a piece is timeless and always trendy. On the other hand, one-piece is making a huge comeback this year, and we can see so many different models – from monochromatic ones, to those with sexy cutouts in vibrant colours. Just don’t forget to pair it up with big floppy hat and funky flip-flops, and you will be good to go! Going through latest swimwear trends is a must when it comes to finding a perfect trendy beach look!

 As you can see, summer is just around the corner and you will have to pack your bags and head straight to some exotic destination with the most fabulous beaches ever. Just try to stick with our vacation guide and you will do just fine – you will inevitably have the time of your life!