Online Shopping

Online shopping can be convenient, fun and offers styles that you can't find locally.  As a Personal Shopper, I always suggest my Clients try things on before they buy them.  It's much less time consuming to try things on the first time, instead of having to make two trips to the Mall.  One to buy the items and another to return what doesn't fit.  One down side to online shopping is just that...  you can't try things on.  I shop online a lot and have several tips and tricks to saving time and building confidence in buying without the convenience of trying on.

I had been searching high and low for the highly sought after frayed jeans I'm wearing in the picture above.  I found them at Nordstrom for over $200.  No way.  I don't pay that much for anything, let alone a pair of trendy jeans that will probably be out of style by Spring.  I searched high and low and was about to give up, when Forever 21 sent me an e-mail suggesting some new styles to shop.  There they were, for $32!  As quickly as I felt inflated... I was deflated.  They were sold out in my size online.  Ugghhhh!!!  No problem.  I'll just pop into their store and purchase them there...

No luck.  The Manager at Forever 21 informed me that they did not receive that style of jeans in-store, but to sign up for an e-mail notification when they re-stock in my size.  We're talking jeans here, so there were no tears shed, but desperation crept into my soul and against my better judgement, I ordered the jeans in one size too small.  Normally I would advise a Client against such a reckless purchase, but this time... It worked out AWESOME!

See, I told you I have some tricks to this online shopping thing.  I didn't just blindly purchase those jeans a size too small.  I did my research.  First of all, when you look at an item, be sure to read the details about the garment.  What the material is made of, what the model's dimensions are and most importantly, the reviews.  The denim had a 2% elastane.  What elastane is, I don't know, but I do know it's another word for stretch.  One of my favorite words when it comes to clothes.  I knew that even though the jeans were a bit small, they may stretch enough to fit.

The next thing I did was consider the model's dimensions.  She was 5'9" and wore an extra small.  Well, that right there told me something.  That they probably run big, because they looked a bit loose on her hips.  The best indicator of how a piece of clothing will fit is to read the reviews.  After a garment is purchased, a customer will post on the site how satisfied they are with the fit, style and whether they would recommend it to another customer.  These jeans came highly recommended, but it was suggested to order a size down, because they ran a little big.  Cha ching!

A few other things to consider when ordering online are:  How long will your items take to ship?  Where is the Company located?  What is their return policy?  I frequently order extremely inexpensive dresses and tops from a company called Shein.  Although, I didn't have a very positive experience with my first order.  Shein is based in China.  That means their garments tend to fit smaller on the bottom and larger on the top (I suppose their bodies are different than Americans).  It took a month to receive the order and the return process was pretty difficult.  I learned quickly, read reviews, order pieces that will still be in style next month and buying bottoms (because my size 8 butt doesn't fit in their Large) isn't an option.

I love to shop online and now that I have all the tools I need to do it successfully, it beats a crowded Mall any day.  I'm still going to make my Clients try things on, but the good news is once you get familiar with your sizing with that Company, ordering online becomes a breeze.  My ribbed crop top and frayed jeans are both from Forever 21.  My flannel is from Target and my lace-up sandals (which also look great with brightly colored socks for Fall) are Steve Madden from DSW.  Shop on, Friends.
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